Maintenance Show – Tokyo – Japan

Maintenance Show – Tokyo – Japan

What kind of exhibition is the “Plant Maintenance Show”?

“Plant Maintenance Show” is throwing its 39th event this time, and is the sole and historic exhibition in Japan which is especially designed for featuring the maintenance and management of equipment. In the wake of recent increased attention to the safety, security, and stability of equipment, a large number of concerned visitors from both domestic areas and overseas have come to enjoy the exhibition.

What kind of products and services will be displayed?

Exhibitor’s displays cover: preventive maintenance, equipment management, monitoring, analysis, production maintenance service, repairing and replacing materials, safety and disaster prevention, energy, environment, products and services related to maintenance.

Facility Management Systems
Schedule Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Asset Management, Facility Historical Management, etc.
Monitoring/Inspection Systems
Mechanical/Electrical Equipment Check, Remote Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Operation Monitoring, Insulation Diagnosis, Video Surveillance, Sensors & Probes, Mobile Terminal Devices, Measuring & Analyzing Equipment, etc.
Maintenance Service, BCM(Business Continuity Management), Staffing Service, Outsourcing, Consulting, Inspection Service, High-Place Vehicle, etc.
Repairing Materials
Corrosion Control, Lubricants, Sealing, Adhesives, Coatings, Linings, Paints, Water Treatment, Descaling, Cutting Oil, Welding Electrode, Industrial Tools
Safety/Disaster Prevention
Cleaning Equipment, Air Purifier, Dust Collection, Sound Insulation, Deodorizing, Oiling Devices, Filtration Systems, Signs/Posts, Alarm Systems, Radio Communication System, Protective Garment, etc.
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